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Simon Johnson's family farmhouse in Adelov, Sweden, built about 1850, is the oldest house

in the village and has been restored.

Simon, his wife Olga, and

son Frank, about 1908; by 1912 they were in their American farmhouse.

Simon's family farmhouse in Burlington, Mass., built about 1860 and deemed historically significant, is facing demolition.

Why this house matters

Frans Simon Johnson came to America in 1903 with $25 in his pocket. But through hard work and determination, he and his wife Olga built their American Dream. Their dream resided in this 1860-era farmhouse in Massachusetts that wasn’t so very different from the red house in Sweden that Simon left behind. His Swedish house is standing and restored; his Burlington home may be torn down within months. With it would go an architecturally significant building, as well as ties to the Revolutionary War, Native Americans, Swedish immigrant life, Burlington agricultural traditions and community celebrations that brought many residents to Johnson's Grove.


We have a chance to BRING BACK the American Dream


RESTORE Simon’s home in Burlington, Mass.!

New: Simon's Swedish hometown newspaper reports on his endangered house in Burlington. (Link above to "Swedes' Journey" )

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